Saturday, November 21, 2009

HEAT WAVE by Richard Castle (ABC)

Let me just say when I saw the stacks of HEAT WAVE on the book launch episode of CASTLE a few weeks back it looked like a chunky hardback. I was a little bummed when it arrived and was a skinny hardback, but that was okay --- I love that show, so I dove in with optimism. Afterall, does size really matter??

I love the "Moonlighting"-like banter between Castle and Beckett on the show and that same banter takes place in the book between Nikki Heat and a reporter called Rook.

I'll admit it is written in a way that has me backing up to re-read a lot ... BUT I didn't stop reading. It was interesting enough that despite half the characters have names that start with R and Heat being the name of the main character and keeping me a little confused . . . I like it! I even recommend it.

If you have a CASTLE fan on your holiday shopping list, I think this is a good and playful pick.

Would I read another one? Yes. I would.

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